Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. For us, as teachers, our daily work involves institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum but we can’t forget that any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. It’s here where our Erasmus+ project fits, preparing students for life as active citizens.

This is the blog specially created for the ERASMUS+ project called It's my life, it's my choice Here there are the 5 EUROPEAN schools working together in this challenger adventure:

1- The Coordinating school: LAUDIO BHI from Laudio (SPAIN)
2.- GROTIUSCOLLEGE, Delft (The Netherlands)
3.- NORGARDENSKOLAN, Uddevalla (Sweden)
5.- LYCEE AORAI, Pirae (French Polynesia)

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tahitian team’s mobility in Sweden : “ Such a wonderful week ! “

The students of French Polynesia would like to thanks parents and pupils for having received us so well ! And teachers for their warm welcoming in their school.We really spent a wonderful week in Sweden.

The adventure started on May 15th when we left Tahiti to Gothenburg . After 25 hours of flight, the Swedish families welcame us , and all of us were a bit shy but so  excited.

1st Day: Monday

“This day was a special day for me, we met all the Erasmus’s students for the first time and it was very excited ! Each country presents its culture, it was enriching for us because we discovered something new. We made a dance show to present our culture and everybody liked it . After lunch, we went to the forest and learnt the different Swedish rules and it was really interesting! We played football and ate pancakes all together! This first day was very incredible because, we all had the same feelings of friendship"       Zoé

2nd Day: Tuesday
“For me, this day was very important and especially enriching; I saw lots of things for the first time! On morning, we went to the natural park and before the opening, we played a “multilingual dictionary” with the letters of E.R.A.S.M.U.S : and (we and our host students) the Tahitian team won !!! So proud of us! During the visit of the park, I saw for the first time a lot of animals like wolves, mooses and 3 babies’ tiger!
After that, we visited Smögen city: it’s so beautiful, I really love this place. And there, Tehau’s hoster jumped on the sea ! He’s just too crazy. This day was awesome with the other students, we were all the time together and I liked it a lot !”                 Maïre

3rd Day : Wednesday,
“This day, I made “kanelbullar”. I did it with Vilma my Swedish friend and it was really great, I enjoy it a lot!! Then we walked to the fjord, it was very COLD for me because I’m not use to the Swedish weather, but so beautiful! While walking ,we answered to a questionnary and I liked it because I spoke with a lot students. After, we received t-shirts because we won to the ERASMUS game and  we ate“kanelbullar” !! 
I really liked it that’s why I ate 4 !!
And to finish this day, my host family drive me to the aunt’s home. Over there I touched goats !! It was the first time for me. And it was a very funny moment for me because a goat ate Vilma haha !! After I learned how to dance polka, it was very cool !!”            Tuani

4th Day : Thursday

“We went to a hairstyle school with the girls and some boys of the Erasmus group all morning long.  Then, we stayed all together in a host family and we spent a very nice time speaking all together. And I enjoyed it!!”     


5th Day : Friday
“This day has been so sad for us, because it was our last day together. In the morning we went to school and had a lesson. In the afternoon , we went shopping with Arrabelle's family. Then Arvid and I, we played freestyle football against the professional freestyler, it's was so hard to play with them but I enjoy it!! After that, for our last evening, we went to Liseberg, it’s an attraction park which is situated also in Gothenburg.
I’ve been so happy to be with them, it was really a wonderful week. Thanks a lot to my Swedish friends !” Tehau

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