Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. For us, as teachers, our daily work involves institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum but we can’t forget that any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. It’s here where our Erasmus+ project fits, preparing students for life as active citizens.

This is the blog specially created for the ERASMUS+ project called It's my life, it's my choice Here there are the 5 EUROPEAN schools working together in this challenger adventure:

1- The Coordinating school: LAUDIO BHI from Laudio (SPAIN)
2.- GROTIUSCOLLEGE, Delft (The Netherlands)
3.- NORGARDENSKOLAN, Uddevalla (Sweden)
5.- LYCEE AORAI, Pirae (French Polynesia)

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Basque Students in TAHITI


Thanks to the Erasmus+ project, this year I have had the opportunity of travelling to Tahiti with three other students like me.
We stayed there for a week with a host family, so we had the chance of living a normal Tahitian lifestyle.

The journey started in the airport of Bilbo; from there we had to take a plane to Paris, then another one to Los Angeles and a final one to Papeete (Tahiti).
We travelled for almost one day and a half, but it was very funny as one of us had never ever flown before, so she was really nervous!!

When we reached to Tahiti they made us a welcome with their typical dances, and they also put us some flower crowns and necklaces.
After meeting all the students from the project I went to my host’s home. There she introduced me to her family and after having lunch they took me to a local market where she explained me about their culture. She also showed me how there are a lot of islands and how each of them has different traditions; dances, clothes,...

The second day we went to school, there I finished meeting all the Erasmus+ students and I also had to present my country with the students that came with me from the Basque Country.      
The TV also came that day to record the school, students and teachers.

During the week, the school took us to a lot of beautiful places; we went to Moorea (an island close to Tahiti) where we had the chance of swimming with sharks and manta rays; we also went to a spectacular inner garden with lots of flowers and a pond full of fishes where we played a game similar to memory… ; and they also took us to a park where we played football for almost all the afternoon…
My favorite day was the Polynesian day; we did not go anywhere but I had a lot of fun.
That day the school had prepared some activities for the students of all the school. In the morning we learned how to do flower crowns, how to prepare raw fish, how to play the ukulele and the drums...
And in the afternoon we played to different games from each country.

It was a fantastic experience and I would absolutely repeat it again!! By Naroa López De Abetxuko

"For me this trip to Tahiti has been one of the best experiences in my life. It gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of different things like other cultures and languages, different lifestyles,... and it also gave me the chance to practice English.

Tahiti is so far from my own country...and it is very different in many things, for example the food: Before going there I had never eaten raw fish, I thought I wasn't going to like it, but now, I know it is DELICIOUS. People from Tahiti are different too, they are more open than here , I made a lot of friends. The island is very different too, the plants, the mountains, the colour of the sea... the beaches. I really enjoyed it !" By Martzeli Perurena

"Going to Tahiti was an amazing experience. I have to say that what I expected was ... going to the beach every day and having good weather. Obviously, Tahiti was not exactly like that.

It was a small island with very nice people and very hot. I really had a good time there, I met a lot of new people and I also learnt about different cultures.

I enjoyed a lot the activities we did there, all the activities!. Every day we had something prepared to do . But the activities I liked the most were the trip to Moorea (where we swam with sharks, also the trip by boat was very funny), and the Polynesian Day at the school (There were a lot of activities to do, I enjoyed it a lot!) "By Nagore Fresno. 

"The trip to Tahiti has been an unforgettable experience. I have really enjoyed the stay there since the people were lovely and very pleasant. I have made a lot of good friends and I am missing them a lot.
I was very happy with my host family, they gave me a good accommodation and they were very kind to me. They made this week one of the best weeks in my life.
On the other hand I have learnt many things, for example that the culture and habits are very different from ours.

We did a lot of excursions, the last one was very nice because they took us on a day tour around the island, we visited many beaches, caves, waterfalls,... the bad thing was that it rained all day, but it was funny.

Apart from the good friends that we made, my favourite thing of being in Tahiti was the trip to Moorea. I love the island because it resembles me the idea of The Paradise. I enjoyed a lot because we visited a lagoonarium and we swam with sharks and rays and other fish, we also fed them. It was an incredible experience." By Nerea Martín


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